Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hanon Online

At long last, I am finally posting again to our neglected blog! It has been an incredibly crazy four months, and I am glad to be back in my normal routine.

I happened to stumble across a new site called Hanon Online. Both my sister and I used the Hanon technique books, but until I came across this site, I had completely forgotten about them.

The Hanon books are filled with fun exercises; they are a lot like the Dozen a Day books, but geared more towards late beginner/intermediate students. I know that a few of you are ready to tackle this level of technique.

This site is neat because it has all the exercises on it for you to print and play, but it also lets you change the key that you play it in. Is the exercise getting to be easy? Why don't you add some flats or sharps to bring back the challenge? You can do that on this site.

You can visit Hanon Online here: http://www.hanon-online.com/

Happy playing!

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